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4 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Moisturise Daily

Out of all the skincare processes you need to go through, one of the most important is to moisturise. There’s a reason that, when you visit a chemist or similar, you see rows and rows of moisturiser. But many women don’t think about why they put moisturiser on every day. Here are some reasons why it’s so important.

  1. Preventing dryness and oiliness

Whether your skin is naturally dry or oily, both these extremes can potentially cause problems like acne. In fact, some women with oily skin stop moisturising, as they think it’ll worsen their issues, then find that this increases oil production. No matter what your skin type, there will be a moisturiser that works for you, so shop around.

  1. Not all moisturisers do the same thing

Moisturisers have many uses, and you’ll find them with all sorts of ingredients, which mean they work in different ways. If you work with a cream manufactory (called โรงงานผลิตครีมขายส่งแบรนด์ in Thai) to create a product, you can choose an emollient that traps water into cracks in the skin, or an occlusive moisturiser that prevents water loss for better hydration.

  1. Moisturiser is anti-ageing

As you get older, moisturising is so important:

  • It keeps the skin supple, so it’s less likely to wrinkle and crack
  • It helps plump up thinning skin
  • It can make lines and wrinkles less obvious
  • Many moisturisers come with extra anti-ageing ingredients

The sooner you start using anti-ageing products, the better it is for your skin. It means when your skin naturally ages, if you are well-moisturised, the signs will be less obvious.

  1. Moisturiser helps your skin deal with the weather

From hot days to dry spells and rain, it’s important your skin is well moisturised to deal with changing conditions. In the summer, use a moisturiser with SPF, which will protect your skin from damage, and in the colder weather, you should make sure your dry skin is well covered to help you prevent cracking and pain.

Moisturiser is a product that’s simple and easily available but has a surprising number of benefits to your skin. It’s mostly people with dry skin who focus on moisturising, but the truth is, anyone can benefit from it and should moisturise daily. Even if you have oily skin, moisturising it can slow down oil production and prevent problems like eczema and blackheads, so make sure you pick up your pot of moisturiser daily.

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