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Finding The Best Cessation Aid To Help You Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking can be highly challenging as nicotine is so addictive, so you may want to consider using a cessation aid to help you. There are many different ones available to buy, and you will need to consider which option is best for you that will give you the best chance of being successful. Below are some of the different cessation aids you can consider using to give up smoking that can help make the transition to becoming a non-smoker a much easier prospect.

Nicotine Gum

People have used nicotine gum to help them quit smoking for decades, with many people being successful. The gum is available over the counter and comes in varying strengths, so you can reduce the strength of the gum over time and ween yourself off nicotine. Whenever you feel an urge or craving coming on, take out a piece of gum and start chewing, and the feeling will soon go away.

Nicotine Patches

Many people love nicotine patches as they are discreet, and nobody can tell you are wearing them unless they are in plain sight. These are also available in varying nicotine strengths, and you can buy them over the counter without a prescription. They last for almost 24-hours, so you will only need one patch a day. After you get washed and dressed in the morning, place a patch wherever is comfortable for you, and it will release nicotine into your system slowly, keeping your cravings at bay.

Electronic Cigarettes

You can also consider electronic cigarettes, which are also known as vapes or e-cigarettes. There are various types of devices you can use, and some of them are simple, such as a disposable vape pen, while others are more complicated such as pod mods. You can also choose from a wide variety of flavours of vape juice, and they are available in different nicotine strengths, including nicotine-free. It is also one of the most popular methods of giving up smoking, with many people successfully quitting the habit.

Oral Sprays

You can also consider using a nicotine oral spray which is simple to use, but this is only available with a prescription from your doctor. If you feel a craving for a cigarette coming on, you take out the spray and spray it into the back of your mouth. The capillaries in your throat and mouth absorb the nicotine spray quickly, so it will give you relief from your cravings and help you to control them. You can also get this in a nasal spray, but you will need to consult your doctor to get a prescription for this.


Another alternative is nicotine lozenges, which are like hard-boiled sweets you place in the mouth to suck. They will slowly release nicotine into your system and help you control your urges to smoke. However, you may want to note that this is not the quickest way to get nicotine into your system, and it can take some time before you feel its effects.

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