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Four of the most popular machine workouts

A rowing machine full-body workout is perfect to help you tone and lose weigh in all areas of your body. Since you are working out your biceps, thighs, and core muscles you can take advantage of the rowing machine to your best advantage. Although a rowing machine workout may seem easy to some it can take a bit to master, after all, you are using your most of your muscles to build strength and flexibility. 

How to use it: The way to ensure a proper workout and know that you use the right movements you have to set yourself up properly in the machine. 

Make sure you are seated properly sometimes the seat tends to slide out and that your feet are properly strapped to ensure that you will not twist an ankle or get an injury. 

The Drive: Making sure that you maintain your torso slightly tilt. Apply force through your legs pushing your body inward.  Maintaining a smooth yet steady movement. 

The Finish: Now that your legs are fully extended start by pulling your arms to align in your chest and pull the base of your sternum. Make sure you maintain the muscles in your body tight as this will create more of a burning sensation for your muscles allowing you to burn more calories. 

The Recovery: Begin to relax your position and allows your legs to bend and bring back the same motion. Extending your arms and pushing your core back and forth. The recovery phase should allow your muscles to relax allowing for you to push yourself for another big push in the rowing machine. 

Now that you know how to use a rowing machine it would be a good idea to learn some fun and exciting workouts that you can do at home if you own a rowing machine or at the gym. 

The row and burpee challenge: This amazing rowing workout is a great challenge for anyone that wants to spice up their workout routine. The idea is to do 5 500-meter rows and finish each row in a minute and forty seconds. You can rest for five minutes in each round. If you finish under the minute and forty seconds you are good, complete the next round but if you don’t you have to count how many seconds you were over and do that many rupees. For example if you are over ten seconds you do ten rupees and if you finish at one minute and forty-five seconds you do five rupees. 

The calorie count-up: This workout is a good way to start your exercising routine. It starts slow but it increases endurance giving you that great workout feeling. Set your rower to one-minute intervals the goal is to reach a certain amount of calories before the minute is over. The first minute you want to burn five calories if you burn the calories faster rest until the minute is up. Start the next minute and burn to six calories if you finish rowing and your six calories are up within that one-minute rest again. You will start to increase the number of calories burned with the number of minutes rowing. Try to complete as many minutes possible until your body can no longer row, but you want to do this exercise for at least twenty minutes. 

From the ground up workout: This work out can get a little intense, you will be rowing and doing squats, lunges, and biceps. To start this workout you want to warm up your muscles first. Starch by stretching your body and doing do ten minutes on the treadmill. Start by rowing 100 meters. Do ten reps of bodyweight squats. Row another 200 meters. Ten more bodyweight squats. Switch it up with twenty reps of reverse lunges. Finish with ten reps of kneeling bicep curls. This is only round one. Do three more rounds of these puppies and you are good to go. 

Pump and row pyramid: If you want a workout that is going to challenge every single cell of your body then look no further. Make sure you warm up your muscles for this one. First-round, row 100 meters as fast as you can. Follow this with five reps of body squats, five reps of pushups, and five reps of feet elevated mountain climbers. You can rest after this round or go straight to the next round. In the next five rounds, you will increase the rows and the reps by five. For example, int the first round you started with 100 rows and five squats, pushups and mountain climbs so for the nest one you will doo 200 rows ten squats, pushups, and mountain climbs. Continue until you to six rounds, rest as needed. Finish with a sixty-second plank. 

Adding rowing workouts to your exercise routine will do wonders for your body. You feel energized and ready to tackle any type of workout. You will have strength in your upper and lower body making it great to do other types of exercises like yoga or pilates. 

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