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How to cope when living with faecal incontinence

If you are suffering from faecal incontinence it will drastically change the way that you can, and do, live your life. It is a debilitating condition for some people, and even for those suffering with mild symptoms, there is plenty of anxiety and stressful moments that change our levels of confidence, how we see ourselves in the world and what we expect to be able to achieve. With the right medical support however, and the use of incontinence pads and other types of faecal incontinence products, you can begin to live your life again in a way that doesn’t constrict you entirely. For those with severe conditions, it means that there is hope for comfort and good levels of hygiene, and this is very import to your quality of life.

There are a few ways in which you can learn to cope with your faecal incontinence. Sometimes, it is only necessary for one part of the approach to be taken, in other cases, it might mean utilising all of them. Whatever you choose or need to do to manage your bowel incontinence, do so with the support of healthcare professionals and carers (if you require carers to aid you with your daily life).

The first thing to consider is wearing absorbent pads. Incontinence pads, incontinence pants and other types of faecal incontinence products to help you with the management of your daily life. By wearing incontinence pads inside the underwear that you wear, you can help to absorb any leakage that takes place during the day (in cases of mild incontinence), or they can be changed regularly to maintain good hygiene levels if you suffer from severe faecal incontinence). Wearing incontinence pads makes a massive difference to the health, hygiene and comfort of the person suffering with bowel incontinence and other symptoms. It is often an approach that is combined with other treatments for the best outcome.

There are other ways in which faecal incontinence can be treated, but it is always advisable to use incontinence pads and other types of incontinence products in conjunction with that, if you are suffering with it. Diet changes are sometimes prescribed, managing exactly what you eat every day and what time you eat, to help manage and lessen the burden of incontinence. Physical exercises to strengthen certain muscles are also often prescribed, whilst in some cases, there is a requirement for further medical treatment including surgery.

Living with faecal incontinence can cause stress and anxiety and severely impact on the way that you live your life on a daily basis. Understanding the root cause of your incontinence, speaking to healthcare professionals about the correct steps you should be taking to treat the condition and having the right type of absorbent incontinence pads to help manage the symptoms every day, will help you to become a lot more comfortable with the incontinence you are facing and how to go about tasks and everyday things with comfort and peace of mind. It is sometimes a long journey to recovery, or a condition that you have no choice but to live with for the rest of your life. Either way, be as prepared as possible.

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