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MMA 101

You might have seen some of the incredible UFC fights, which ignited an interest in mixed martial arts, or you would simply like to become a fitter you; either way, you can enrol in a basic MMA class to see whether or not this contact sport is for you. If you dream of becoming a UFC champion and living the millionaire lifestyle, that’s another thing altogether and it would require real commitment and dedication to become a professional MMA athlete.

The Rules

There isn’t much that you can’t do to your opponent in the octagon and as you learn the basics, you become more familiar with the rules. This discipline demands you have a ground game, similar to Ju-Jitsu and wrestling, while you also need to develop boxing skills, while learning the various kicks. The stand-up part of MMA is very similar to Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and with the best MMA in Bangkok, many pro fighters live and train in this city.

The Art of Self-Defence

Many people wish to learn self-defence skills and MMA is perfect for that, which will teach you how to block effectively and use your attacker’s momentum against them. If you would like to have a trial session, simply Google ‘MMA gyms near me’ and that will bring up a list of websites; MMA is popular all over the world so there will be a gym nearby.

Professional MMA Trainers

When choosing an MMA gym, make sure it is run by a qualified MMA instructor (there should be certification prominent that indicates the teacher’s qualifications and personal experience). You could choose to have some one-on-one coaching or enrol in a basic class and some gyms are offering online classes until the pandemic is over.

MMA Equipment

If you are enrolling in an MMA class, you won’t need to buy the equipment, just make sure you have shorts and a T-Shirt that doesn’t restrict movement and the gym has all the equipment you’ll need. Most people buy their own MMA gloves, which are slightly different to traditional boxing gloves and the fingers are bare.

Structured Program

Of course, it all depends on your goals; the basic MMA course teaches you essential body movement, kicking and striking techniques, along with the basics of grappling and the ground game. Fitness is not something you gain overnight and if you haven’t been active for a while, there will be running to develop stamina.

Check out the nearest MMA gym to your home, where the professional trainers are always happy to advise.

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