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Premature Ejaculation – Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is probably the most common early ejaculation issue. It is where the man ejaculates prematurely within a short period of sexual intercourse after a few minutes or so. A recent study looking at 500 married couples from five different countries revealed that the average time taken by men to ejaculate during sex was approximately 5-a-randolphths minutes. However it is up to the individual couple to determine if they are happy with this time duration.

Premature ejaculation has many different possible causes. Some of these causes are stress, aging, obesity, diabetes, and anxiety. The medical community at-large believes that premature ejaculation results from nervousness and anxiety as the main causes. In addition, medications such as antidepressants can also cause premature ejaculation.

There are many different medical conditions that may lead to premature ejaculation. These include neurological dysfunction, vascular pathology, neurological trauma, psychosomatic problems, and psychological issues. Another condition that can lead to early ejaculation is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several medical conditions. For instance, neurological dysfunction is believed to be the primary cause of erectile dysfunction.

If you do have a cause for premature ejaculation, a specialist for premature ejaculation may ask you to complete a sexual history questionnaire. This questionnaire will provide information on your sexual history and any other medical conditions that you may have. The questionnaire will also contain a list of questions about your partner. Questions about your partner’s sexual history will help your doctor understand what might be causing your premature ejaculation.

In addition, your doctor will want to know about your lifestyle and any changes that you have made in your life. The causes of premature ejaculation are believed to be caused by abnormal levels of certain hormones, abnormal levels of lubrication, and abnormal levels of stress and tension. Other possible causes include: enlarged prostate, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and kidney disease. Abnormal levels of any of these hormones can increase the risk of experiencing early ejaculations.

Premature ejaculation typically only affects males. However, there are some rare cases where females may also experience early ejaculation. Normally, when the male experiences early ejaculation, he will not suffer from any other negative effects. Females who experience early ejaculation will generally notice lower self-esteem and greater levels of anxiety. Both males and females can reduce their anxiety and improve their self-esteem if they can learn more about the causes of premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual problem that men suffer from. Various psychological and physiological factors may cause a guy to suddenly encounter premature ejaculation on his next sexual encounter. It is possible, though less frequent, for a guy to have perpetually experienced premature ejaculation simply because being sexually engaged. Some possible causes for this are:

Premature ejaculation is often accompanied by several physical problems. This physical issue is called “squeezing.” Most men do not like to be touched upon sensitive areas of their body in the private areas. For a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation, “squeezing” is not an easy thing to tolerate. This is the reason why some couples therapy advice for guys to perform exercises that will “squeeze” their testicles to get rid of the problem.

Some SSRIs are known to possess adverse side effects that were also associated with sexual illnesses. One SSRIs that has been linked with premature ejaculation is fluoxetine. Other SSRIs that can likewise cause side effects include paroxetine, sertraline, and fluvoxamine. In a bid to treat premature ejaculation, some doctors may prescribe antidepressants such sertraline and fluoxetine. While antidepressants can aid in the temporary relief of sexual discomfort they cannot really deal with the root of the problem.

In addition to these SSRIs, there are two other possible medications that can treat premature ejaculation, namely Travail and Prozac. These two medications are not so much effective because they treat only the symptoms of premature ejaculation, but not the actual cause. And even if they could, SSRIs would still be preferable because they are very effective at dealing with ejaculatory control while Travail and Prozac only treat the symptoms.

The psychological causes of premature ejaculation tend to be rooted in one’s childhood. These causes include emotional abuse and/or neglect, early sexual encounters that are unsatisfactory, early exposure to pornography, and/or conflict in relationships. Some researchers believe that the occurrence of these psychological causes results from a “catch up” process during the teenage years.

There is no guarantee that SSRIs can prevent premature ejaculation in all cases. Also, SSRIs can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with condoms. However, using medications in this manner can have its own drawbacks. SSRIs have numerous side effects and can be quite addictive. Hence, it is often best to resort to other methods that can delay ejaculation, such as delaying intercourse or practicing the squeeze technique.

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