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Ready to Go Into Recovery

When people reach the point where they are ready to overcome their addictions, it’s called going into recovery.  Fortunately for people who live in the Atlanta area, there are many good recovery centers.

What to Look For

When people with addictions decide to look for an Atlanta recovery center, it may be hard to figure out what to look for.

One simple way to find the right center is to ask other people who are in recovery.  Those people will know exactly what it feels like to be addicted.   The best recommendation would come from someone who went to a recovery center several years ago and they are still clean.  This indicates the effectiveness of that particular center.

Levels of Care

Some addictions require a detoxification process.  Not all recovery centers offer medical detox.  The best recovery centers offer a detox process that is medically supervised 24 hours a day.  People who know they will need detox should look for a center that offers such a program.

After detox, different kinds of addictions will require different care.  For example, after a person goes through alcohol withdrawal treatment, sometimes they can enter an intensive outpatient program.  Some recovery centers offer a sober home program where the patient can go after spending a day at the center.

Many Atlanta recovery centers offer inpatient care.  Even after going through detox, many people who suffer from substance abuse require continuing medical care while they work on their problems.  In this part of the center, the patients have the same 24-hour medical supervision that they had while going through detox.

Most people, when they think of a rehab center, think of a residential care center.  And in many cases, this is exactly what is needed for a person to enter recovery.


Aside from the medical aspects of addiction, probably the most important part of recovery is the counseling process.

Check out what counseling is offered at the recovery center that is being considered.  Although individual counseling is the most important type of counseling needed, it is also important to get the whole family involved in helping the person recover.  In addition to family therapy, sometimes group therapy can help people realize that other people share their same problems.

It is not always recognized, but many people with addictions need counseling for PTSD.  In addition, there are different styles of individual counseling such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

This therapy focuses on finding coping strategies for today, rather than concentrating on the past. It helps people who are addicted learn how to recognize negative or ineffective thinking patterns in their daily life.

Another form of counseling that some recovery centers use is called dialectical behavior therapy.  With this kind of counseling, the counselor will help the person learn how to be mindful of the present, how to tolerate negative emotions, and how to get along with different and difficult people.

So, when looking for an Atlanta recovery center, remember that there are two parts to recovery:  body and mind.

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