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Sylfirm X – Everything You Need To Know

Sylfirm X is the first therapy of its kind to tackle a wide range of skin issues at once. It repairs the base membrane and helps the aberrant blood vessels that contribute to pigmentation and melasma to recuperate. Sylfirm cures a variety of skin conditions, including rosacea, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma.

The capacity to reinforce and heal the basement membrane of the skin is the “Sylfirm Advantage” over creams and lasers (the skin’s base layer).

For those curious, here is how Sylfirm X works:

In order to target only the abnormal blood vessels and tissue membranes that cause pigmentation, this system employs SR3 (Selective Regional Regeneration Radio) (RP) Repeated Pulse technology. The microneedle electrodes produce a therapeutic electromagnetic energy field that can safely reach the skin layer.

Normalizing (VEGF) vascular endothelial growth factor overproduction and remodeling the basement membrane of the skin with SR3 technology leads to dermal rejuvenation because only the irregularities are treated. Proteins like vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) encourage the growth of new blood vessels.

Exposure to sun and aging contribute to a weakened basement membrane in the skin, which is a problem for the vast majority of the population. As melanin pigment penetrates deeper into your skin due to a compromised basement membrane, it becomes more stubborn to treat.

To stop melanin from penetrating further into your dermis, the basement membrane (the dividing wall between the dermis and epidermis) of the skin might be remodeled. Unlike previous treatments, Sylfirm X reduces the likelihood of future episodes of aberrant blood vessel development. Facial skin tissue regeneration is the outcome of this treatment’s ability to stabilize your epidermis and remodel the dermal vascular structure.

Sylfirm: Is It A Laser?

The question of whether or not Sylfirm X uses lasers is one that is asked by many patients. Sylfirm isn’t a substitute for laser therapy because it employs RF energy instead. Sylfirm gets to the source of the problem without harming the skin’s surface. It eliminates just abnormal vessels while leaving the skin’s surface unharmed by process of selective coagulation, allowing the epidermis to regenerate over damaged areas.

Due to its superficial nature, laser treatment is best for treating superficial skin diseases. Because melasma isn’t a superficial skin issue, it is challenging to treat. Because it reinforces and restores the basement membrane, Sylfirm is preferable for the treatment of melasma because it stops melanin from penetrating deeper layers.

How Sylfirm Works In Conjunction With Standard Laser Treatments

When patients combine Sylfirm and laser therapies, they can achieve synergy. Sylfirm provides internal protection while laser treatment is effective at reducing surface pigmentation. Sylfirm repairs injured skin cells precisely, without damaging nearby healthy skin, thereby restoring the basement membrane. This expedites melasma treatment by focusing on the underlying cause, which in turn reduces the likelihood of the condition returning.

Sylfirm X  Benefits

Sylfirm X treatment stimulates collagen formation, leading to plumper, younger-looking skin afterward. Excess bags and skins under the eyes are the direct targets. A less reactive skin is one benefit of a strengthened dermal layer, which means less acne breakouts for you. Skin tone is enhanced when broken capillaries and redness are diminished. Melasma and stubborn pigmentation can be faded, and redness can be toned down.

Sylfirm lightens discoloration, minimizes the appearance of pores, eliminates acne scars, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and revitalizes the skin.

When Compared To Microneedling RF Devices, How Does Sylfirm X Stand Out?

When compared to other brands, Sylfirm X needles begin at a shallower 0.3 mm. The maximum depth is 4.0mm, making it suitable for penetrating the deepest layers of the subcutaneous tissue. Our Medical Professional can then tailor your care to the specific needs of each skin area. Using its non-insulated electrodes, neocollagenesis can be induced in the deep dermal skin layer. In comparison to devices that simply provide partial dermal neocollagenesis, this one might allow you to heal more quickly. These uninsulated needles are much gentler on the skin than conventional needles. Sylfirm X’s ergonomic handpiece facilitates more controlled needle delivery, which in turn reduces patient discomfort. A further improvement in recovery time is possible when exosomes are combined with conventional treatment.

Moreover, we could treat gently around your eyes and melasma, which isn’t possible with many other radiofrequency microneedling devices.

How Long Does It Take for Sylfirm X to Work?

Sylfirm X treatments are believed to require less recovery time compared to those using conventional Microneedling with RF equipment. After a treatment, you can feel some redness and tightness in the area for a while. The risk of infection can be reduced if you refrain from exercise and perspiration for at least 24-48 hours after treatment.

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