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The 2 Most Important Vitamins For Any Pregnant Mother.

When people talk about vitamins, they understand their role in how beneficial they are for the body. Vitamins can help to give a much-needed boost to your immune system, they can help to strengthen bones, and without them we might feel tired all the time, vulnerable to infections and we might endanger our health in later life. This is why it is even more important that you take vitamins while you are pregnant because you’re not just taking vitamins for you, you’re taking them for your unborn child as well. There are many different vitamins required by our bodies to allow us to function and lead a healthy lifestyle, but some vitamins are more important than others when you are experiencing pregnancy.

Luckily you can get Fertility Supplements & Vitamins from NutraCare that can provide you with everything that every pregnant mother needs and then some. These fertility supplements can provide you with all the important and essential vitamins needed and they provide three particularly important ones for those of you who are currently experiencing pregnancy. The following are the 2 particularly important vitamins.

Folic acid – This is a particular vitamin that every cell in your body will need in order for a healthy growth and development. It is a B vitamin and is especially important within the first 3 to 4 weeks of your pregnancy. It is important because it can help to prevent birth defects in relation to the brain and spine and it can also help to stop heart defects and mouth defects in unborn babies. For those mothers who do not want to experience an early birth, folic acid can help to cut the chances of early delivery by up to 50%. As well as your supplement, you can also find folic acid in vegetables like broccoli and asparagus. Orange juice and sunflower seeds are also an excellent source of this essential vitamin.

 Vitamin D – The purpose of vitamin D is to help your body absorb more calcium and this is essential for strong baby bones, teeth, heart and muscles. If your body is deficient of vitamin D during your pregnancy then this can cause some problems with regards to your child’s growth and skeleton as well. A lack of vitamin D can also be attributable to a low birth weight and it may delay physical development. It not only affects your baby at the beginning of its life, but it also carries on into adulthood.

One other essential vitamin is vitamins C and it is also incredibly important during pregnancy. However, too much of it can also have negative effects, so please make sure you stick to the recommended daily amount prescribed by your doctor.

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